Saturday, February 11, 2006

Where I live

I've done this walk before. A little tipsy, the dust covering my cracked nail polish. Invariabily I am walking home to get more wine. This time I will also get some home grown tomatoes someone gave me, and some parsley and basil from my own garden. We will feast on this with BBQ Mullet, eggplant and zucchini. But that is later.

It is a bit of a walk. We all live on over two acres and my friend is two doors away. I have to walk up her long drive, along the grassy footpath, and down my own long drive. It is much closer as the crow flies.

My children come with me. My 10 year old daughter wants to change into play clothes. "Do I even have any black clothes?" Our red dirt notoriously seeps into all our kids clothes. My 9 year old boy is coming home to get some "accessories." I ask him if he means a necklace and earrings. No.

I pluck the pungent herbs from the garden and leave the kids to organise themselves. I can trust them to come back on thier own. I can also leave the house unlocked. As it turns out accessories means most of my son's bedroom. Pillow, blanket, waste paper basket and chair. All neccessary for the toad hunting camp they are creating. And toad hunting sticks of course.

We don't live in flash houses. My friends house has peeling paint and tattered curtains. Her front door is blocked by a desk covered in hand painted ceramic buttons. My house is a tiny relic to the early 80's. Brown brick and orange glass.

But this is us. Take us as we are.

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