Saturday, February 24, 2007


The things that keep me awake at night:
The thought of my children dying;
The size of my credit card debt;
That valuable lost thing, I just cannot find.


Anonymous said...

Hey- read your story on moonlit path- found the way the mother treats her children pretty appalling. That's the point I assume, to show her madness, but is it necessary to do it at the expense of the kids? At the moment, all that story does is encapsulate a moment of child abuse. It doesn't offer anything else.

Michael John Grist

Ellen "EJ" Sackett, said...


I love "Awake." Are you going to send it out? It's wonderful. Glad you're back at W & C. It's good to hear your voice, so to speak!

P.S. Nice blog! Great template!

~ ellen