Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Zealand (Visit no# 6)

The oddest thing about this trip: It was sunny. Where was the wind and rain?

The thing I learned: All about glow worms. They hide in caves and lower a string of saliva that glows in the dark. Insects are attracted to it. When the insect gets tangled in the fishing line of saliva, the worm reels them in. They glow in the dark like a solar system.

The most amazing thing I saw: Twenty hot air balloons dancing to Pink Floyd.

Best discovery: Kapiti Ice-cream. I cannot begin to even describe thier vanilla bean...

Best sound: A tui bird imitating a hot thermal spring


Best of ALL: meeting the newest family member, Inara

What I missed about home: my tank water...and my bed...and I didn't realise until I saw them, Australia's vibrant blue autumn skies.

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