Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Breastfeeding - fiendish or miraclous?

There are three good things I have done for my kids: read to them, talk and listen to them, and breastfeed them.

According to the Courier Mail, a newspoll survey found up to 30% of people think breastfeeding should not be done in public.

Let’s put this in perspective. It is fine to drink and get drunk in public; people do it in pubs every night. We can see nudity and sex on television. People barely bat an eyelid at swearing.

The Valley on a Saturday is a flesh feast, bum cheeks, breasts beaming in the street lights.

And yet, the very best start I can give my baby in life – one that will protect him from illness, increase his intelligence, speech and eyesight and is free and environmentally friendly – is inappropriate for the public.

I was discreet, but I never hid while breast feeding in public. One of the saddest things I ever saw was a mother breastfeeding in the corner of a room while her husband held a cloth up in front of her. I wonder was it his problem or hers?

Breast milk and breastfeeding is a natural miracle. Any support a woman gets to continue breastfeeding is an investment in the future of her child. Criticism is tantamount to child abuse.

There, you did not know I was a ranter did you?


Rebecca said...

It is sad, but I think it is because it is a bodily fluid. The whole grotesque female body idea. I say 'get over it;, I was rarley dicreet and fed where and when I liked. Bub is ninteen months now and if she wants a drink in a fancy restaurant, like hell im going into the toilet! Good on you for supporting other breastfeeding mums with this post.

Kathryn Gossow said...

What a horror to think it would be more appropriate to feed a baby in a toilet than in public. I'm glad you are out there showing how it should be done.