Saturday, April 24, 2010

Last Year's Lunch

I have procrastinated for over a year and then, the school tie saga. It takes Tama and me an hour to find his school tie in his room. Something must be done.

Step 1: Take antihistamine

It’s not like he doesn’t clean his room. He is made to clean it every Saturday morning. It is his method of sweeping contents to the edges, on top of things under things and at the bottom of his cupboard.

This is what I found:
1. Dismantled car radio and calculator
2. A letter to himself that he is not allowed to open until he is 17 (do I wish it wasn’t sealed!)
3. 2 unused light globes still in their boxes.
4. A rubber with a paper tail stapled to it and other with a cape.
5. A list of “Things to Do” I am 100% sure is not his.

The highlight of what I found is really rather sweet. It seems my boy is so attached to the lunches I make him he decided to keep the remnants of the last one I made him for primary school.

That was four hot summer months ago.

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