Monday, November 08, 2010

Make Money Fast (and a little gardening tip)

I have a hot money making tip for you.

Get your video camera and video me gardening.  I swear, if you are patient you will catch a gem for You Tube or Funniest Home Videos.

Just last week I headbutted a tree so hard I fell flat on my behind.  No witnesses. It hurt.  It really, really hurt.  A lot.

Then, the other day,  my hungry slipper got me attacked from behind.  I wore my slippers outside.  I know its, naughty.  They are daggy old things with the sole coming away from the toe so that they have a hungry mouth.

My garden tip, by the by, is to do with trellises.  Instead of having a trellis, I have rigged up some column shaped fencing wire trellises.  I can move them to where ever I have planted my climbing vegies, rather than having to plant the climbers where a trellis happens to be.

Anyhow, I spied some lovely little peas, and thought, I'll eat those.  I stepped into the garden with my hungry slippers and gobbled up those lovely sweet fresh peas.  Then I saw, Joy o Joy, more peas.  So, I stepped over said trellis. My hungry slipper gripped the wire, and well you should have been there with your video camera.  I was hopping around on one foot trying to untangle myself, not squash any plants and not scratch the skin off my calves.  Failed on all counts, and tore up the peas that were growing on the trellis.

I can't say when I might do something stupid again, but it might be worth staking the joint.

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