Thursday, November 17, 2011


I can touch my toes easily.  Not a second thought.

Inflexible people are frustrating.  Especially when it is an inflexible way of looking at the world, or an inability to do things differently.

So, I have no oven.  It died an untimely death.  Actually, its pretty old so death was where it has been heading for some time.  My kitchen is old.  Early eighties green laminate with wood veneer chipboard that is flaking at the edges.  Essentially a new oven before a new kitchen is planned is silliness.  Inspired by my friend Terri, the best cook in the universe, I bought a BBQ with a hood instead.  I learned from Terri at our Easter camping trip that there is nothing that can't be cooked on a BBQ.  Steamed pudding, pizza, corn on the cob, baked vegetables...

I am practising  flexibility on my recipes.

Not quite ready to try cooking a cake though.  What to do for the Birthday Boy?  Buy a cake? But lets be flexible.  Here it is...the ice cream cake.

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