Monday, July 20, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

If your surname is Potter, you would be brave to call your son Harry. It would be like calling your child Jesus, or Elvis if you were a Presley – or Elvis at all really. I have never met an Elvis in real life.

So what of the newest movie, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince? It is one of the better ones, exciting and relatively coherent. I don't think it is as dark as some the past ones, but it looks lush especially the signature scene of Harry and Dumbledore on a rock in the ocean.

But by necessity, the movies are merely summaries.

When you have read the books you can fill in the gaps. I wonder if a person without the details is left confused.

In the book, Harry is obsessed with who the Half Blood Prince is, in the movie this is not strongly depicted. When the identity of the Half Blood Prince is revealed it falls flat. Ho Hum, who cares? (I won’t say who it is in case you’ve successfully managed to live under a rock)

The familiarity we have with these characters, and the extra snogging, mean some laughs in the right places. If you do not end in tears...well you have a heart of stone and are probably a deatheater.

We saw this movie at the Regent in the Brisbane mall. The life of the elegant Showcase Cinema is hanging by a thread. Read about the Save the Regent Campaign

I’ll be pulling the book out for a reread soon. Testament to a good tale is that you enjoy having it retold. Is that not how every good myth and fairy tale continues its life?

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