Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Thunderbird Park, Mt Tamborine

Thunderbird Park is unpolished. This is not a slick tourism establishment. There is no gift shop with overpriced Koalas.
We stayed in a 'lodge' just metres from a running creek. We sat by the fireplace and watched the water bubble past. There is also a pleasant shady campgrounds that allows dogs.

Thunderbird Park is a hub of outdoorsy activities. More than we could do in our short stay. It all started years ago with mining. You can pay for a mining license to look for Thundereggs. Thundereggs are a mystery. A round grey rock, which cut open, may or may not reveal hidden beauty. It is fun hacking in the dirt with a pic, but we would have appreciated more detail on what to look for. We ended up with four buckets of rubbish.

There is also laser skirmish, horse riding, abseiling, bush walking and of course mini-golf. I think this course was built by a local farmer after he finished some fencing. I came so close to beating Wayne. In 20 years I have never won a game against him that required physical coordination.

The highlight, the reason we went to Thunderbird Park, and the reason I have rope burn is Adventure Parc. This is a high ropes course, which starts off cruisy. No problems, just a bit of walking on ropes and wood blocks. By the end of the course we had all reached our physical limits. Wayne was the only one to finish, but the kids and I did almost all of it. Just for the record, I hate flying foxes. How can I enjoy hanging upside down, go fast, not knowing where I am going? Too much like real life.

All in all we recommend Thunderbird Park as long as your kids are upper primary or older, and you don't mind spending some money on the activities.

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Oprah beth said...

It looks like an Adventure Park to me. I like the outdoorsy activities of the park. Mt. Tambourine is a good and beautiful tourist place. There are lots of beautiful places to visit in mount tambourine.