Sunday, October 04, 2009

Cinema Etiquette

As impressionable 14 year olds, our head mistress bundled us boarding school girls onto a bus for an hour long trip to visit the nearest cinema. She took us to see Ghandi.

The movie ended. We stood up. She admonished us. It was disrespectful to stand while the credits were rolling. We had never heard of such a thing. We all sat down again.

My head mistress, despite her uncanny habit of suspending me from school, was a woman I came to respect, and her respect for movie credits is something I still practice.

It seems to me, if someone makes and effort to make a movie, no matter how obscure their role (what is a best boy?) then the viewer should have the respect to pay attention for the entire length of the film, credits included.

It is not always comfortable. The usher wants us out so he can clean up, the children are over it and are embarrassed, but I feel righteous in my actions.

It is also a bit about train spotting too.

Rewards are at times surprising, most notable the alternate ending following the credits of 28 Days Later. It remains one of my most satisfying story viewing experiences – all because I stayed until the end of the credits.

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