Thursday, March 18, 2010

Too much of a good thing

My favourite barista has shut up shop and left town.  It's like he doesn't care about me at all.

The question is, can the city of Ipswich offer me a decent cup of coffee.

So far:
Monday - De Lamantra - 38 beans to choose from.  Mine is so bad I tip it down the sink.  Tastes like dirt.

Tuesday - on my way to a meeting so I stop at MacDonalds. Coffee is like thier food. Bland.

Wednesday - De Lamantra is the closest so I give them a second chance and try another of the 38 beans.  I am thinking 38 beans is 37 too many when you only have 38 customers a day.  Dirt taste I am putting down to stale beans.  Not worth $4.00

Thursday - Mammoth effort on the phone to Telstra for and hour and twenty minutes.  It all ends in tears.  Do I need a coffee! The Cactus Expresso Bar is next on my hit list. A cup the size of thimble. Not worth the walk up the hill.

The last day of the week, Friday approaches and I am still hopeful.

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